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Justification by faith alone: Sola Fide!

Okay, I realize I may appear to have gotten in a rut by posting video after video, or maybe i am too lazy to write any posts of my own; but neither is the case. It is just that when one finds something not only biblical, but well stated, it would seem foolish to me not to share it.

I was recently part of a conversation among friends where one affirmed that he holds to salvation by grace alone. He said salvation is “100% of The LORD”, and there is not a doubt in my mind that he was sincere in stating this. But as he continued to speak he negated the very thing he affirmed. He said we do not gain favor with God by anything we do, but rather gain favor with God by accepting Jesus Christ. He rebuked the heresy propounded by the Roman Catholic church that it is faith + works, yet he was guilty of the same error. The only difference is he engulfed his works in the capsule of faith. He had made his acceptance with God based upon the meritorious act of his acceptance of Christ. I am finding this a prevalent error among contemporary believers. The gospel they proclaim, boiled down, is this. We are brought into the family of God, not by the meritorious work of Jesus Christ, but by our faith in that work – the blood of Christ does not justify, but faith (my work) in His blood (His work) results in salvation.

There is no saving efficacy in faith. Faith is transparent – which is why Scripture says it is faith in Christ, not faith in faith in Christ. Most professing believers today will give you some form of the later as the reason they are saved.

Some of the most dangerous enemies to truth are those that are closest to it.

May The LORD open our eyes to our fault in this matter, and bring us back to the truth of His Word!