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My Three Sons (Grace Alone)

If first period class was the depravity of the human heart, then second period was Sola Gratia (grace alone). In the previous two posts there are two things that should be apparent: 1. My own inability to adequately parent due to me being finite as well as possessing a sin nature; and 2. My boys have the very same issue I do – depravity. It’s essentially the blind leading the blind.

Much to my dismay, my children did not come equipped with child raising software. There was no “Daddy-ing for Dummies” at my doorstep when we returned home from the hospital. And to add insult to injury, I quickly found out that even had there been it would not have helped; for the things I knew to do from God’s Word I failed to implement. I quickly realized that I can not be the father God requires me to be. If my kids are the result of my parenting then they are doomed!

Then there’s the second problem – my kid’s depravity. Not only are they being raised by a man who constantly fails and is anything but the father he should be, but they are just as sinful! Talk about a hopeless plight! It’s like one leper trying to apply balm on the flesh of another leper – futile! All that happens is my dead flesh rubs off on them.

Hopeless? NO! Why? GRACE! God showing me the predicament of me and my boys is a blessing, for in truly seeing it as it is causes me to see Him as He is all the more and my need for Him. I know that if God doesn’t grant grace in changing my boys hearts, and if He doesn’t graciously keep me stayed on Him, then all is lost. I need Him! If my boys are to become men of God then it will be 100% by the grace of God.

So… lesson #3 concerning my three sons? Sola Gratia – Grace Alone!


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