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The devil is in the details:

I was looking at some reviews of the “Iron Man 2” movie. The Christian based website I was on rightly attempted to give parents a resource for turning movie viewing time into an opportunity to teach the children. This is very biblical, and as a parent I must confess that I fail many times in turning every moment into a teaching moment. But not only is seizing that moment vital, but what you teach in that moment is vital. Here is their recommendation:

“A single man or woman can help change the world. Read about some who did with faith and God’s help…
Jesus Christ, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and David”

Now I’m not knocking the website and saying it is trash. I think the site has some helpful things to offer. I want to use this to point out something concerning synergism. Synergism is the idea of two parties working together to accomplish a goal. This isn’t the same as a carpenter using a hammer to drive a nail. In synergism, both parties are active and dependent upon the other. In the carpenter instance, the tool is passive and the carpenter could just have easily completed the job through some other chosen means – AKA nail gun.
This “God needs me” mentality is prevalent in society as it is what comes naturally to us. We tend to think of ourselves more highly than we out to think. Even among believers, this mentality oozes out. Let me show you the difference:
Synergism – “Joseph changed the world with God’s help.”
Monergism – “God used Joseph to change the world.”

It may seem subtle, but they say the devil is in the details.
Look again:

Synergism – “God voted for you, Satan voted against you, and it’s up to you to cast the deciding vote!”
Monergism – “But God…even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved)”.

What are we teaching our children?


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