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A Story of Destiny and Grace:

I would like to tell you a story, if I may.

A beautiful baby girl was born to a newly married couple, John and Sarah. They loved each other dearly, yet both agreed that their life together could be nothing else but completely wrapped up in this little bundle of beauty. They agreed on naming her “Destiny” as they felt theirs was completely engulfed in her. They lavished her with nothing but the best they could afford. Even the goal for her father to move up the corporate ladder thus increasing his pay scale was to better provide for Destiny.
As Destiny grew older, the sacrifice of her parents grew also. They would stop at nothing to give their daughter true happiness. They tried their best to instill in her wisdom and logic to make the best, well informed decisions. All was well, until she met Josh. He was 18, one year older than her, and said the sweetest things to her. At first, she was torn. She felt a bit guilty for loving him, as her parents knew nothing of this interest. She finally told them of the situation and they told her to stop spending time with this boy as they knew him well. He had a reputation for leaving his past girlfriends with a child out of wedlock. They feared for their baby-girl, and tried to keep her from him. She confided in Josh, and upon hearing what her parents told her, he denied it all. He claimed that he had never slept with anyone and actually left his past girlfriends because they had cheated on him, yet he didn’t know this until they had gotten pregnant by someone else. Josh convinced her that her parents, although initially truly loving her, now were protecting themselves instead of her. He explained how they had poured so much of themselves into her, even reminded her of why they gave her the name they did, and now they can’t bear to lose all they’ve invested. Convinced that her parents were caught in seeking their own happiness at her expense she agreed to move out of her parent’s house in 14 days as she would be turning 18 then.
She continued secretly seeing Josh, and her parents thought she had accepted their counsel; all the while things were progressing between her and Josh. On her 18th birthday, after enjoying a lavish party thrown for her by her parents and accepting the brand new sports car they bought her, she went to her room and began packing. She snuck out of the house around 1:30 AM, loaded up the car her parents bought her and drove out of state to meet Josh at a hotel they both agreed upon. Excitement filled her as she met him at 3:30 in the morning. After a long embrace they went inside. That night her and Josh took their physical relationship to the next level. The next morning she was so worried that she might be pregnant that she made herself sick. Josh reassured her that all would be fine – and it was. They continued their relationship. Josh got a job, and they got an apartment. She sold the car within just a few days of running away as she didn’t want her parents to track it – it wasn’t a legal sale, but he needed a car and her and Josh needed the cash.
They began to party with Josh’s friends, who seemed to be growing in abundance. Destiny quickly became the life of the party, every party. Soon, all of Josh’s friends wanted to be with her. Her and Josh were in a financial pinch one day so they agreed to let her sleep with one of his friends for some money, but just this once. It wasn’t just once though.
It wasn’t long before her father tracked her down. He knocked on her door one day while Josh was at work. A huge argument ensued, basically ending in Destiny running her dad out of the house, launching anything she could find at his head and screaming obscenities at him. His heart was broken. She told Josh what happened and he swore to kill him if he came near her again. Her dad came back multiple times after that day, but she thought it best to not tell Josh.
The prostitution, partying, and drugs continued, until the day she became pregnant. She refused to sell herself anymore out of fear of hurting the baby, she stopped attending the parties as she didn’t want to hurt the baby. Josh saw clearly that this baby was ruining the best thing he had going for him. He would have just left her as he did the rest, but he had no job and she was his source of income. In a fit of rage at her refusal to go “work” that night he began to beat her. Grabbing the closest object near her, a liquor bottle, she knocked Josh unconscious. She grabbed her cell phone and ran. Calling her dad, she arranged a place to meet him. He didn’t care that it was eleven o’clock at night. He sped to go get her.
Between the time she called John, and him actually arriving, Josh had regained consciousness and tried to call her. She didn’t answer the first five times but his persistence and her love for him, made her answer. Being emotionally weak, she told him where she was. After the conversation she realized what she had done. She tried to call her dad and tell him not to come, but he didn’t have a signal and all her calls went straight to hi voice mail.
What she feared happened. They both arrived at the same time. Josh was immediately livid, and the drugs in his system only inflamed his rage. Before John could get the car door shut, Josh attacked him. John tried to fight back but Josh won out; grabbing a large rock, he began to beat her Dad. Even after he was unconscious Josh continued to wail on John’s limp frame to ensure John was dead. Between Destiny’s scream and the noise produced from the struggle itself, Josh new someone probably would be on their way, or already called the police, so he jumped in his vehicle and sped off. He didn’t make it far, as he was too busy looking in his rear-view mirror to notice the sharp curve ahead. He went through the guard rail and plunged to the bottom of the cliff, engulfed in flames.
Destiny moved back in with her mother, Sarah, and had her little baby girl – Grace. She lived the rest of her life, her name reminding her how John’s destiny was truly wrapped up in her, and although she had abused her father’s love in every conceivable way, that Grace brought her back.

I wrote this story to ask these questions:

1. Could my characters I created have done anything other than what I ordained for them to do? Could Destiny have listened to her parents? Is it possible for John to still be alive today and my story have a different ending than the one I planned?
2. Is grace magnified by the presence of evil in the story? Is John’s love magnified due to the evil contained in the story?
3. Since I wrote a story that contains evil, does that make me evil? Is it wrong for me to create Josh’s evil character (bringing justice on him later) and thus magnify John’s love for his daughter and her mother’s grace in taking her back? Did Josh serve the purpose for which I created him?
4. How much more can God do these very things with His own creation (His own Story)? Does He not have the right and power to do so?

Soli Deo Gloria!


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