Engaging the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kyrie Anastasi!

I’ve been thinking on the resurrection (I think many people have seeing as the emphasis that is being placed upon remembering/celebrating this event on Sunday). I know I normally give some verbose post so that all who are use to reading my blog don’t even check it unless they have a good 30 min set aside to skim over what was said; but I intend to keep this one short, as I just want you to spend time thinking something over. I want you to take a thought with you.

Paul said in I Corinthians 15 that if Christ be not raised from the dead then our hope is in vain. He posits that we are, among all people, most miserable. It is through our belief upon the historical fact of Jesus’ resurrection that we deny ourselves the things we do, that we hope for eternity, etc.

The resurrection is central to Christianity. It is upon the risen Christ that we hang all our hopes!

For example:
– I believe Jesus’ claims to Deity to be true because of His resurrection.
– I believe there is life after death because of Jesus’ resurrection.
– I believe there is a new creation that I am a part of by faith in Jesus because of His resurrection.
– I believe all men are sinners and must have atonement for their sin made because of His resurrection (which necessitates His death, as Jesus stated He was dying for just that – to make atonement).
– I believe Jesus accomplished my redemption in full because of His resurrection.
– I believe God will give me all things pertaining to life and Godliness because of Jesus’ resurrection.
– I believe Jesus has complete power of all of creation, death, hell, and the grave because of His resurrection.
– Jesus resurrection promises us that our gospel preaching and effort are not in vain.

And there are more things we could add to the list, but I think you see where I’m going with this. (I would encourage you to make your own this weekend.)

But let me show you how other things that we often put ahead of the resurrection in our thinking and emphasis compare.
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is still true, even if it were possible for:
– The Bible to have an error in it
– Us to be missing a book from the Bible.
– People in the Bible really did baptize babies (for all the hard core credo- Baptists out there)
– No one to be right about pre-mill, a-mill, post-mill.
– The church to be plagued with semi-heretical doctrine until Jesus comes
– If CCM music really isn’t wrong (for my fundy friends) =)

Now some of the issues I mentioned above, we could add more, are more important than others (some very important), but my point is that none of them change the truth is that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead! Nothing can negate this fact.
In other words – Christianity is true because Jesus Christ rose from the grave!

Alethe, Kyrie Anastasi!

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