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Life is a Dance

Hey. I know this is Brandon and Daniel’s blog, but Daniel hasn’t been feeling well. I figured he probably won’t be up to posting anything, so I took the liberty of helping him out (‘wouldn’t want Brandon to have to post two back to back either… too much stress on the poor boy).


Have you ever heard about how the art of dance originated? That’s what I intend to write about today. I am well versed in the subject as I experienced most of it first hand, even branched out and originated my own, so I’m more than capable of discussing the topic.

There was a king who’s majesty poured out from him like streams of water, so they say; I’ve yet to be convinced of that. The king loved song and dance; so much so that he established a country and taught it’s citizens how to do one thing – dance. That’s all he required of them. The melodies, harmonies, and rhythms that issued from the vegetation and animal life (even from the very sun, moon, and stars) provided the music to which the men and women of that country danced. The dance never made them tired or even accelerated their breathing (I thought this a very mean thing for the king to do as we all know one must increase his heart rate from time to time to maintain good health). As they danced the flowers grew and the trees produced fruit that the dancers could consume at their leisure, all without missing a beat. Oh, I’m sure right now you’re wondering how anyone could ever not like this Edenic paradise, but trust me, you haven’t seen the entire picture. It was my opinion that this dance hindered their creativity. There were so many dances yet to be danced, and so many songs yet to be sung, and they were stuck on this one track – like a scratched CD. I was going to show them what dancing was really like.

While I’m being a bit proactive in allaying your fears, let me also inform you that I am very talented, witty, handsome, and I had nothing but the wellbeing of the citizens in mind as I set out to do this. I say this because as I tell this story, some by this time have made me out to be a devil. But I know you’ve seen pictures of evil and I can assure you that I look nothing like those gruesome gargoyles and demons of the baser sort. And besides, I couldn’t force the people to stop dancing to that archaic tune, they would have to make their decision on their own. I would simply place the choice before them. I was simply there to set them free – if they would but follow.

Let me explain how I brought the offer of true creative freedom to them. They had more holidays than regular days, all in “honor” or the king mind you. I knew that once I showed them how oppressive their king really was then all that would cease. Now I wouldn’t take their holidays from them, NO Way! I’m not evil! I would just give them freedom to celebrate other things. It was on one of these holidays that I danced into the center of all the hubbub. I could sense the eyes of all on me, yet no one stopped dancing their dance. That is, no one except for the wife of the oldest citizen. (All looked up to that couple. So wise were they thought to be that if they spoke then the citizens would instantly follow suit.) She walked right up to me, without speaking, just staring at my feet. Noticing that she was entranced with my dance I asked her if she had seen anything like it.

“No, never!” she said. “I don’t think we’re suppose to dance like that.”

I explained to her how the same old dance she had been performing for years is a good one, but we must never stifle our creativity. Why not create our own dance? Why not branch out? I wasn’t telling her to break the rules, just reinvent them.

“But I don’t know how to dance any differently.” she said.

So I taught her mine. As I was doing so, her husband walked over. All other dancers had stopped, save for me and the eldest woman – and soon, her husband.

The elders had decided, and so all the people followed. They began to dance my dance, and they loved it! Just as I knew they would. They danced on into the night. I had to slip away, but it was no bother as the tune I played is quite catchy and became etched in their minds.

The king found out about what had happened. He expressed his displeasure to them but they still continued to dance the dance I taught them. I was so proud of my new free dancers! I will admit that it was a bit sad to see the elders pass on as I felt a special connection to those two. I guess they danced a bit too much, but at least they enjoyed the dance while it lasted, right?

The king was relentless, as most oppressors are. He picked a family out from among the people. He gave them his music and a step by step instructional on how to dance as he had intended. He commissioned this family to teach both song and dance to their children, and be a sort of example to the rest of the citizens of the country.

They struggled though, which I found quite telling. They so loved the dance I taught them, that they couldn’t get two-steps of their king’s dance out before reverting to mine – I mean ours (it was their’s as much as mine).

This continued for many years, until the relentless king laid aside his robes and clad himself just as one of the poorest of his citizens. I new he must be crazy. Even I knew that to convince these people one had to dazzle them with beauty. He came dressed like a pauper! I was anxious to see what he would do.

He waltzed right into the center of things, right to where is chosen family was, and began to dance the original dance from the beginning of the country’s inception. Some of the “special” family were sucked back into his dancing, so foolish they were! I have yet to figure out why some would trade my liberty for his yoke, but they did. Others hated him. They did everything in their power to get him to stop dancing. I suggested they dance all the harder and play their music all the louder to exert their independence– which they gladly did. Many of them had forgotten the original dance, and since his dance was nothing like they had seen, they accused him of being a devil trying to lead them astray. I can’t help but chuckle when I think of it.

They say that the king really re-instituted the dance. Something about him dancing his way to the grave and back again, and that the time will come when all those who don’t follow him in his dance will be banished from the country. If you ask me, I think all should write it off as pure nonsense! There are those who tell this story as if it has bearing on people of this day. Don’t pay them any mind, it’s a thing of the past. And if they persist on trying to convince you that real freedom is in following the king in his dance – they’re wrong! Take it from me – I know freedom. Would I lie to you?

I’m not at liberty to write more as I think I hear Daniel coming. I’d better go.

Remember, Life is a dance.



4 responses

  1. brandonchristiansullivan

    Brilliantly written.

    January 8, 2010 at 4:27 am

  2. Nate Sullivan

    All creation moves in a cosmic danse
    Before the Lord her King;
    And the rythms, the reason, the rhyme
    Of the danse pulses within everything.
    And the universe wheels and whirls like
    A dervish in perfect seven-step time
    The Lord made the Danse,
    He taught her the steps, and He causes the songs to shine.

    We must danse, danse, danse
    Danse in God’s honor.
    We must yield all our steps unto the King.
    We must danse, danse, danse
    Danse in God’s honor.
    Let His praises ring throughout the earth

    Adam and Eve dansed in Eden’s environs
    Early in earth’s morning air
    They named all the animals musical names
    Glorious potentiality shared.
    But Lucifer sang out a serpentine song
    And offered death’s danse as a token.
    And pausing to listen Adam missed his step;
    Earth’s harmony in the danse broken.

    We must danse, danse, danse
    Danse in God’s honor.
    We must yield all our steps unto the King.
    We must danse, danse, danse
    Danse in God’s honor.
    Let his praises ring throughout the earth.

    Jesus dansed into the world
    Singing His heavenly song.
    He taught the Danse to those who would
    Listen and learn as He moved along.
    But the steps of His Danse led to a cross
    Where He died while the haters mocked on.
    But He Dansed through death’s arms
    And over Hell’s gate and in three days
    Dansed forth from His tomb

    We must danse, danse, danse
    Danse in God’s honor.
    We must yield all our steps unto the King.
    We must danse, danse, danse
    Danse in God’s honor.
    Let His praises ring throughout the earth (x2)

    – The Danse, Caedmon’s Call

    January 8, 2010 at 10:43 am

    • danielpulliam

      Yes – Those lyrics greatly influenced this post. Glad you posted those here, as that’s an awesome song!

      January 8, 2010 at 12:58 pm

  3. Beautiful! I LOVED it!!!

    January 8, 2010 at 6:50 pm

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