Engaging the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rub your eyes:

“It is time to turn away from all this; to rub our eyes, and look clearly at the path by
which we and our culture have come. It is time to turn back again, following the old
sola scriptura principle, to the source and origin of one of the great doctrines of the
New Testament: that when, through God’s effective call (sola gratia) in the preaching
of the gospel of Jesus Christ (solus Christus), someone comes to believe that he is the
risen Messiah and Lord, God thereupon (sola fide) declares in advance what he will
declare on the last day when he raises that person from the dead: this person is in the right, their sins have been forgiven, they are part of the single, true, worldwide
covenant family promised to Abraham, the sign of the coming new creation and the
counter-sign to the boast of Caesar. Justification is ultimately about justice, about God
putting the world to rights, with his chosen and called people as the advance guard of
that new creation, charged with being and bringing signs of hope, of restorative
justice, to the world. Let’s put the justice back in justification; and, as we do so,
remind ourselves whose justice it is, and why. Soli Deo Gloria! Having thus stolen
Luther’s slogans, I thought I might end with ‘Here I stand’; but let me rather say it in
Paul’s language. hode hesteka; allo ou dunamai.”

N.T. Wright



One response

  1. brandonchristiansullivan

    Quite true, quite true.

    December 1, 2009 at 6:49 pm

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