Engaging the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Do you really believe?

There is a preponderance of people within the visible church that profess to believe certain biblical truths – namely that Jesus of Nazareth is both LORD and Christ. That His death atoned for the sins of men and that His resurrection proves His Deity as well as is our anchor for eternal life which was secured by Him.

Now I do not object to  this statement of faith. My contention is with the fact that there is  seemingly a majority who verbally hold this statement merely as a statement. There is a far cry from stating you believe something and actually believing in. The difference is evidenced in action. This is the clear teaching of Scripture – see James and I John for blatant examples.

With this being said the question is this – How is this truth affecting your life? What you say, what you watch, what you think, read, laugh at. What you treasure, spend you money on, give your money to, and devote your time to. What is it that you prize above all else? Who is it you try to please? Don’t just flippantly answer these, but spend time examining your life to see whether you are in the faith. I did not ask you if you are involved in some way in your local church. I didn’t ask you do you try to spend at least 5 minutes a day reading the Bible. I didn’t ask you if you tithe, of have an “I love Jesus” bumper sticker or sliver fish on your bumper. Although none of those actions are necessarily wrong; I ask you to examine your heart and see where your treasure is. You cannot serve God and possessions. You cannot serve God and man. You cannot serve God and self. You cannot love the things of this world and love the things of God simultaneously. You cannot think like this world and have the mind of Christ.

Do you really believe?


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