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Servants of Christ Jesus – Philippians 1:1 (The Kingdom Principle)

The Principle of Serving (The kingdom principle): 
There is a principle in Mark 9:35 that we find concerning greatness in the kingdom of God. It can be paraphrased like this: “The higher one is in the kingdom, the lower he becomes as a servant.” This kingdom logic is the incompatible with the logic of the natural man.  When he hears this principle, by the time it reaches his twisted brain, it says “If I wish to f_wlead, I must first learn to serve!” I have been told this growing up, and it sounds like a good moral principle, but there is a fundamental misconception in this statement. One doesn’t serve for a time and then become the served. This turns service into a rung on the ladder of success that is used as a means to the “servant’s” self-glorification; thus making church leaders nothing but spiritual CEOs utilizing people to accomplish their goals in building their ecclesiastical empire. 
This kingdom principle is exactly the opposite of what the natural man would do. The higher position one holds among the local assembly, the more of a servant you are. Servants don’t demand respect, higher pay, their own parking spot, or to have it all done their way. Servants always put the ones they serve first. They forego their own needs for the sake of others. They are servants.  


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