Engaging the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whatsoever you do…

I read an article by Al Mohler on the MySpace Generation. He speaks of them as our mission field, and that this is the generation we need to evangelize. I realize that what I am about to say is nothing novel, but I think repeating it would be helpful. There is an entire generation of people who live (and I’m not speaking figuratively either) online. We engage others on their own territory, and this generation is no different. Grant it, it is not a face-to-face discussion, that they cannot hear the passion in your voice, nor see the expression on your face (unless your using video chat); yet God’s TRUTH transcends these communication deficiencies – HE always has. I am certain there are many who are already employing sites like MySpace and FaceBook for this purpose. My reason for writing this is to encourage readers who are not employing these networking tools for God’s glory and the furtherance of HIS kingdom to begin doing so, and for those who are to continue to do so… even more.

All we do, we should do for God’s glory… this includes our employment of the internet.

Soli Deo Gloria


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