Engaging the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Still think’n on the Atonement:

I desire to be biblical in all I hold to… I am still spending time conteplating the atonemetn of Christ.

I know that it is a pleasing thing to our man-centered selves to think He gave His life to save every man, but I do not find this in Scripture. Nor is it necessary for HIM to have born the sins of every man for the offer of the gospel to be genuine. We do not know which individuals were bought by Christ, they manifest themselves due to their faith. But God has provided atonement for men. Sinners have been redeemed in Christ and we are commanded to proclaim this truth – that Christ has reconciled men to God by HIS blood.  It was a real atonement that was affected by the blood of Christ. All the sins he bore were atoned for – never to be remembered. If they are, then He provided no atonement, propitiation, or reconciliation.

Here is an article I thought was helpful.


And one more… by Spurgeon. =) (i thank God for that man!)



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