Engaging the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Definite Atonement:

Okay, I was intending to post more concerning sin within man (and I still intend to do so); but I heard a statement made from a local pulpit here in the Knoxville area that absolutely grieved me. A prominent Independent Fundamental Baptist pastor stated that he did not believe in Limited Atonement. Now I am a baptist and I believe he is answerable to The LORD for his personal convictions, but I spent 5 years under his preaching and enough time around the people who comprise the congregation to know most who heard that statement will not take it to Scripture to check the verity of his stance, but rather use it as a reason to not study it for themselves, or as an anchor if they are challenged on it.

That being said,  I intend to employ this post, and some following, to present what Scripture has to say. As stated before, much of what is on here is not my own work. I do not want that to deter you. My purpose is not to give you something original, but rather present things that exhalt The LORD and challenge His people to delve into HIS Word.


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