Engaging the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


I have much to post, but have not written anything as of yet (it is currently in a notebook of thoughts I jot down here and there). I intend to post something of my own writing soon, but I came across this and thought it was Scripture packed, and is definitely something that should be shared.

It may not need to be said, but just for clarification; I do not hold to the dispensational scheme as I believe it to be a stance that must be brought to Scripture as opposed to being derived from it.I say that so you will know, although this is not a “bash-the-dispensationalist” article, it is not one in favor of it.

Again – it is a Bible saturated article, and one I believe to be useful in understanding what Scripture says about the people of God.

Enjoy the read, and may God use it for His glory.



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