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A song I heard that encouraged me this week.

God’s Word tell us to encourage one another in songs, hymns, and spiritual songs. I heard this the other day, and my heart began to swell! His grace is sufficient!! It is all of His grace that we even sing His praise.

This time of year is when the materialism of men gets full display. Isn’t it ironic? The season that we, as Christians, run around and tout the birth of Jesus Christ, and say it’s all about Him; are running around like greedy 5 year olds, looking for the best deal on that laptop for Dad, or the bread maker for mom. We always gott’a have more. Doesn’t it make you wonder how many people really have Christ? If you look at what they are giving their lives to, which would consume more time, thought, and money: Jesus, or their new Mac book pro?

The last part of this song is wonderful!

“To see The LORD, the promised land. Wherein all sin’s pearly gates look bland. And what was once a pearl, now is sand that blows away in light of HIM.”

So this Christmas season do something – take all the gadgets and gizmos you get and pile it up. Look at it, and tell yourself that it is all going to be burned up and the ashes blown away, and all that will remain is Christ and His work. (Does this cause your heart to sink, or rejoice?)

We say we love Jesus, but if we searched for our heart where would we find it? Where’s your treasure? Where ever that is, your heart will be right there too, clutching whatever it is that’s precious to it.

In heaven there will be no sin. This means the idolatry of materialism, and the lust for more, bigger, better, newer, faster things on the market will be obliterated. If this is what brings you joy, then what makes you think you truly desire heaven?

The pearls of earth are but dust and ash before The Almighty.

May this song, and brief thought be used of God to turn hearts to HIM.

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