Engaging the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A quote from Edwards:

“The Sovereignty of God is the stumbling block on which thousands fall and perish; and if we go contending with God about His sovereignty it will be our eternal ruin. It is absolutely necessary that we should submit to God as an absolute sovereign, and the sovereign of our souls; as one who may have mercy on whom He will have mercy and harden whom He will”
-Jonathan Edwards

I have found this to be the main point of contention. Many in “Christian” , and even non-Christian, circles like to think of a sovereign God when they see they have no control on the situation (death of a loved one, in debt to their eyeballs, etc); but dare not relinquish their perceived control to Him if at all possible. I was told by one, “I don’t know where the sovereignty of God ends and man’s free-will begins.” To which I replied, “It doesn’t.”

Man likes to think God rules all things but him. It’s the same lie Satan propogated in the garden, “Ye shall be as god’s.”



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